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About us

Maruko Sangyo has been a dyeing expert of re-dyeing and after-processing for more than half a century, here in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi which has a long history of weaving high quality fabrics.
Our services are not only for corporate customers, but also for personal customers and has a variety of services such as re-dyeing clothing, fabric dyeing workshop, and an antenna shop.
We would like to offer you flexible and quick service. Small amount or quick finish, they are more than welcome. Re-dyeing and re-processing, please leave everything to us, Maruko Sangyo.

Our Products

We work on making original products from a private brand besides re-dyeing and re-processing directly from our own factory. Coloring your clothing or redecorating your interior, just leave it to us, we are happy to take care of you.



Here is a list of videos of our media appearance and services for even more people to know about a history and commitment of Maruko Sangyo. Please watch them if you have time.

Online factory tour