Maruko Sangyo Co., Ltd. expands wide range of business for both individuals and for corporates.

We hope to assist all your needs by offering varieties of services. Not only our main business of re-dyeing and re-processing of clothing and products, but also, we have workshop which you can experience dyeing, and an antenna shop where you can see and try on our products.


Jet Dyeing Machine-ordinary pressure (Cotton・Linen・Rayon・Nylon)

Suitable for dyeing Fuwaku textile, produces less wrinkles.

  • For 10m-50m: 2 machines, for cloth dyeing
  • For 50m-300m: 5machines, for cloth dyeing
  • For 300m-600m: 1 machine, for cloth dyeing

Wince Dyeing Machine-ordinary pressure(Cotton, Wool, Silk, Alpaca)

Suitable for dyeing knits.

  • 7m-25m: 5 machines, for cloth dyeing

Washer Machine( Cotton・Linen・Nylon・Rayon)

  • For products dyeing (Cotton・Rayon): 5 machines, for cloth
  • For products dyeing (Wool・Silk): 1 machine, for cloth
  • For products dyeing (Pigment): 2 machines, for cloth

Color Testing Machine-ordinary pressure:1machine

Paddle Dyeing Machine(Wool・Silk・Cashmere・Alpaca)

High Pressure Tester:1 machine

Tumbler Dryer : 2 machines

Suction Dryer : 1 machine

Cloth Winding : 1 machine

Knit Winding : 1 machine

Computer Color Matching: 1 machine

Drying Room