Our established re-dyeing and re-processing offer you various menus and high skills for customers’ detailed orders. You can order a sample of rolled fabric from 1m. Small amount orders and quick service are all welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

Cloth Dyeing

Fabrics suitable for dyeing

From 5m to 500m (depending on the fabric)

Products Dyeing

We accept orders from one item. (Accept polyester, but products dyeing only)

Process Suitable For Clothing And Product

Patterned Tie Dye/Marble Dye/ Tie Dye/ Irregular Dye/Washed / Softening / Hard Finish/Wrinkle Finish/Damage Finish/ Bio Process/ Ball Bio Process/ Ripple Finish/ Neige・Fondue Process/ Silk Screen Print

Other specialties for Wool


Features of Materials And Processing


Each dyeable materials has its uniqueness. Our service provides all of them your desired finish.

CottonComfortable texture, softer material
LinenQuick absorption
WoolEasy to shrink, but adding shrink-resistance makes the soft finish
SilkA little difficult to dye, could lead to be colored unevenly
NylonHarder material
Cupra/RayonCan dye a big amount at a time


13 menus of dyeing and processing respond to your wide range of requests. We offer some advice for suitable process when you bring in your materials. Please feel free to contact us.

Tie Dye

  • Use some colors at a time, tie and dye in spiral pattern
  • Goes well with cotton, wool

Irregular Dye

  • Makes color uneven and creates color separation
  • Goes well with cotton, linen and rayon

Washed Finish

  • Softens the whole material, and wrinkles naturally
  • Available for rayon, wool and denim

Softening Finish

  • Softens the surface of the material, makes the texture comfortable
  • Available for cotton, wool and rayon

Hard Finish

  • Hard finish process to give fabric tenseness
  • Available for cotton and wool

Wrinkle Effect

  • A processing method that dares to create wrinkles like shape memory
  • Available for all fabrics

Damage Effect

  • Put a bio ball in the machine to make scratches, turns new cloth into vintage finish
  • Available for all fabrics

Bio Process

  • Give fabrics soft finish by enzyme and makes gloss
  • Available for cotton

Ball Bio Effect

  • Bio processing on the damage finished fabric adds more vintage style
  • Available for cotton

Neige, Fondue Process

  • Bleach cloth by specialized chemical and add damage effects
  • Available for denim and cotton

Shrink Resistant

  • Prevents the shrinkage caused by dyeing
  • Available for wool


  • Softens the entire fabric
  • Available for wool

Silk Screen Print

  • Stencil printing on fabrics and products
  • Available for logos on T-shirts